Healthy Awassi Sheep for Sale

Awassi With Her Calf 2

A Unique Breed

Windlestone Ranch specializes in raising Awassi sheep, a unique breed classified as fat-tail sheep. Their versatility for milk, meat, and wool production makes them valuable to any farm.


The Awassi sheep are extremely hardy animals well-suited for hot and dry subtropical climates. Due to their unique physiological characteristics, they are resistant to parasites and many other diseases. These animals do particularly well in Florida pastures and can compensate for undernutrition during dry seasons by utilizing the stored energy reserves in their fat tails.

Mothering Ability

One of the most noteworthy qualities of the Awassi sheep is their high mothering ability. The ewes can produce milk efficiently even under harsh conditions, making them a valuable asset for dairy production. Moreover, the rams are known to improve milk production in other breeds.

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Awassi With Big Horns

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